Haiku for PruCan

Soft sheepskin coat
Blended with snow
Eyed with cerise desire

Also, I wanted to share a link to a haiku "checklist" that I thought the lovely people of this comm would be interested in. It talks about how freeform haiku really is, and the beat scheme limitations are not always necessary (I actually played around with it a little bit in this one).

( It's not all 5-7-5 )

A Haiku for Vampires, signed America

I like vampire tales
From Bram to Laurell. Screw Twilight.
I'm a Buffy fan.


AN) "Bram" refers to Bram Stoker. "Laurell" refers to Laurell K. Hamilton. Her first 8 Anita Blake books are great examples of vampire literature, come to your own conclusions on everything after that.
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